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Living with a big dog like a Great Dane, English Mastiff or Cane Corso presents challenges for owners and their families. Larger dogs are typically more difficult to handle and require additional nutrition than their smaller counterparts. Furthermore, space is a concern when raising a big dog in a small apartment. Thankfully, there are a few steps that owners can take to raise a healthy, happy and obedient big dog in a tiny apartment.


  1.  Check Pet Rules

When considering to rent a new apartment, owners should first check the apartment’s pet policy. According to Los Angeles Times, more than 70 percent of apartment tenants in the United States own a pet. Many apartments, however, have strict policies regarding pet ownership. Some apartments prohibit tenants from owning dogs altogether while others only allow small breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers.


  1. Inspect Walking Space

Owners should also inspect the pet-friendly walking space of prospective apartments to determine whether it’s suitable for their big dog. If the only walking area is a small patch of grass that’s shared by dozens of other pet-owning tenants, this could be a problem. Big dogs need more space to walk, play and do their business than smaller dogs.


  1. Set a Feeding Schedule

Allowing a big dog free access to food increases the risk of indoor accidents. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid all accidents, owners can lower the risk of accidents by setting a feeding schedule for their big dog. Assuming the dog is an adult and not a puppy, he should be fed twice daily. This will normalize the dog’s bodily functions, allowing owners to walk their dog at the right time and, subsequently, prevent accidents from occurring.


  1. Walk at the Same Time

After determining when their big dog needs to go outside, owners should create a schedule in which they walk their dog at the same time every day. Dogs respond well to routines, and walking a big dog at the same time makes housebreaking easier.


  1. Create a Dedicated Space

Big dogs need their own personal space even when it’s in an otherwise small apartment. Owners should create a comfortable area specifically for their big dog. An old mattress with some comfortable blankets, for instance, is the perfect lounging area where a big dog can stretch out and sleep.


Dogs offer unconditional love, loyalty and companionship, which is why they rank as the third-most popular pet in the United States. When raising a big dog in an apartment, however, owners must take some additional precautions to create a healthy environment for their canine companion.