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Lisa Landman

Animal Welfare

About Lisa Landman

Lisa Landman has always had a love of dogs. Growing up her family had many dogs. The first dog she remembers is a beagle named Snoopy. Her family also had a German Shepherd named Icy, a Dalmatian named Brandy, a bulldog named Jake, and a Peek-a-poo named Nessie over the years. In fact, Lisa can’t remember ever not having a family pet while growing up. Since Lisa grew up in the country, she often played outside with her dogs. Lisa’s childhood experience with dogs taught her a lot of respect for the animals. As an adult, she has been committed to helping dogs however she can.

While many people want to bring home a puppy, Lisa Landman strongly believes in adopting a rescue dog instead. There are many animals out there who are in need. Plus, puppy mills tend to be dangerous to the dog’s health. Across the country, shelters are overflowing with animals that need homes. Shelters typically have mixed breed dogs, and mixed breed dogs tend to be much healthier than purebreds.

At the moment Lisa Landman and her husband live with five rescue dogs. While living with so many animals can be challenging, it also has its rewards. Early on Lisa and her husband gave up the expectation of having a neat and orderly home at all times. This mindset has made sharing a home with five dogs more manageable. Routine, structure, and obedience are very important to managing the dogs. It also helps to have a trainer. In spite of the challenges, Lisa loves her dogs, and she is happy that she is able to help give a home to five dogs who might not have otherwise found a home.

Lisa Landman’s first advice to dog lovers is always to adopt. Donating and volunteering at shelters are two other ways that people who love animals can help out. It’s best to donate to local non-kill shelters and rescue organizations. For people who already own pets, Lisa suggests buying pet supplies at pet stores that contribute money to local rescue organizations. While dogs are Lisa Landman’s favorite animals, she also loves horses. For many years Lisa took horseback riding lessons at a local barn. She fell in love with one of the school horses, and the owner of the barn ended up selling the horse to Lisa.

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Professional Overview

Lisa Landman has her doctorate in psychology from Fordham University. Throughout her career, she has worked in various fields including teaching, client services, administration, and human resources. Presently, Lisa is serving as the Director of Operations for Costech Lab and living in St. Cloud, Florida. 

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