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Bringing a new pet home is a very exciting time! You are most likely thrilled and ready to welcome a furry member to your family. While you may be delighted to bring a pet home finally, it’s important to remember that your new family member is going to need time to adjust. Although your dog or cat may have had a playful, happy attitude at the shelter or at their previous home, your new pet may be wary or fearful in their new environment. To have a successful transition of welcoming your pet to your home, follow these helpful tips!


Be Prepared

Be sure to stock up on supplies before you pick up your new pet. This may mean buying a crate, food and water bowls, treats, bed, and toys. Don’t forget about purchasing a collar and leash! It’s also important to prepare your house before welcoming a new pet. Make sure you organized and put anyway anything you think your new cat or dog may chew.

Remain Calm

When you pick up your new pet, be sure to stay calm. While you should be excited to welcome a new family member to your home, you can overwhelm your pet with too much excitement. Since you are taking your dog or cat into an entirely new space, you want to refrain from giving them too much affection right away.


Introduce Your Home

If you are welcoming a dog into your home, be sure to keep him or her on the leash. Allow your dog to sniff around the outside of your house to welcome new smells, sights, and sounds. If your dog has excess energy, I recommend going for a walk through your neighborhood or around your house. This will help drain their extra energy before going inside. After your walk, you can take your dog inside. Spend a few minutes in each room before moving on to the next, and only welcome your dog in the places that you want to train them in. I recommend taking the tour while your dog is on the leash so you can help your pet understand where and where not to go.


Cat Tips

Since cats are different types of pets than dogs, your cat may choose to hide for the first few days. However, don’t force interaction because your cat needs to feel comfortable in their new environment. Set up a small, quiet area for your cat for the first few days. This will help them feel safe and secure in your home. Be sure to keep a food dish, litter box, and bed in their safe area. Once your cat seems more relaxed and comfortable, you can provide access to more of your home.


Welcoming a furry family member is an exciting time, but can also be stressful for your pet. Remember it may take a few weeks for your dog or cat adjust to their new environment. Help your pet transition homes by following my helpful tips!


Lisa Landman is a strong advocate of adopting pets and has six rescue dogs! Want to see photos of her dogs? Check our her dog gallery or Twitter!