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Millions of animals suffer and even die every year due to companies testing and creating its products using these helpless creatures. Not all companies collect and publish their data that concerns the animals that are used for testing and research so the exact number is unknown.  


Products such as shaving cream, mascara, and foundation have been tested on animals like mice, rabbits, and monkeys. Drugs and medical procedures can also use animals to develop new techniques and dosages for products that humans use daily. Furs, coats, belts, and handbags can use animals pelts and skins to create their products. This causes animals extreme pain and discomfort. That is if they are able to survive the process and procedures. Even if they survive, animals can be left blinded, burned, and develop traumatic stress disorders.


Animals can be bred in the laboratories and never see the outside world. They never experience fresh air and only get taken out of their cages to be experimented on. The testing on certain animals sometimes can’t even reflect the same results of what the products will react when humans use them. A change in society has created a trend of people being more conscious about the products they use and whether they test on animals. Supporting cruelty-free brands can promote more companies to remove animal testing and research from their business model.


With technology improving, there is less of a need for companies to test on animals. Companies are pledging to be cruelty and uses artificial intelligence and other biological studies to test their products. Laboratories are also using volunteer human subjects to determine the effects of certain products. In fashion, new materials are being discovered and created that resemble animal skins and pelts that no one notices the difference.


You can help put an end to the cruelty of animals by doing research on companies before you buy their products. Check if they are certified as cruelty-free and they use more humane processes to develop their products. It is important to protect the creatures of this earth when possible. Not only will switching these products change the way companies develop their products it also changes the lives of these animals. Help give these animals a normal life where they are not subjected to torture.