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Various wild animals are in danger of extinction today, and entities such as the federal need to take action. A good animal threat example is the killing of wolf packs through shooting from aircraft across the country.

The pervasiveness of this issue has increased significantly over the past few years. Therefore, the federal government has stepped in, and below are some of their roles:

Creating Laws that Protect Animals

While the B.C. Wildlife Service’s predator reduction program aimed to improve the number of Bison herds, it is no longer suitable. That is because people have been misusing the act of killing wolves without caution.

Thus, in response to such a pattern, the Federal Government has created laws to safeguard the welfare of wolves. However, the process is subject to various verification procedures to ensure it offers the best wildlife management results possible.

Imposing Punitive Action on Perpetrators

Hunting wolves from aircraft is not acceptable because it’s currently a pervasive issue. Nowadays, the population of wolves is under threat of extinction, and the Federal government has to take action.

The punitive measures the federal government takes might include disciplinary actions such as legal court cases. It may also include fines or possible jail time for repeat offenders.

The Creation of Awareness Programs

The pervasiveness of the killing of wolves will increase because not many people are aware of their actions. Most people have taken up the behavior because it has become the norm, without realizing the side effects.

Shooting the wolves from aircraft means that there is no way for the rest of the pack to escape. A single airplane can kill up to five wolves at times, and this habit will eventually lead to their extinction.

Therefore, the federal government has the mandate of ensuring that everyone in the area is aware of their actions. It can be a powerful resource in any other similar wild animal protection venture in the future.

Overall, the federal government has a significant role in ensuring wild animals are safe from human activities. The latest case involving the shooting of wolves will require different measures to ensure the best results. These can include the creation of laws, awareness programs, and imposing punitive action on perpetrators.