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There are numerous ways in which animal lovers around the world may help organizations striving to make the lives of domestic and wild animals better in one form or another. Medical facilities, reserves and sanctuaries struggling to care for animals in destinations ravaged by natural disasters welcome help. Various organizations devoted to protecting endangered species also need assistance.


Local Animal Shelters

Many communities across the country have facilities designed to care for abandoned or rescued animals. Some care for a wide range of species in addition to cats and dogs. Anyone desiring to become a pet owner should check for a possible companion awaiting adoption at a local shelter. Facilities often welcome monetary donations to help defray care costs. Other options may include donating pet beds, blankets, food, toys or cleaning supplies.


Best Friends Animal Society

The organization was established more than three decades ago in an attempt to provide a no-kill shelter for a variety of domestic animals. In addition to having facilities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Utah, Best Friends works with many local shelters across the country in an effort to educate pet owners about the necessity of spaying and neutering. The organization welcomes financial donations along with offering pets for adoption. Foster pet parents are also needed.


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The immense sanctuary in Kenya, Africa cares for elephant, giraffe and rhino orphans in addition to promoting animal conservation and fighting poaching. The Sheldrick family has a long history of preserving the wildlife in the country. Each generation continues the legacy. Supporters are welcome to make monetary donations, virtually adopt an animal or make a purchase in the online store. All proceeds go to the trust’s efforts to care for and protect the animals.


World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife remains one of the most renowned animal advocacy organizations on the planet. The group is devoted to preserving wildlife in more than 100 countries while reducing the impact of humans on the environment. Today, the organization also works to restore 36 different air, land and water animal species along with finding ways to improve their natural habitats. Interested supporters may make a simple monetary donation, adopt an animal or purchase items from the online store.