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Animal rights activists often contact their representatives, educate the public about animal abuse and hold protests and marches to demand government change. Activists can belong to a number of organizations that have similar interests and gather resources to deliver bigger and more significant protests and demands. There have been several events in recent history where animal rights activists have gone above and beyond to make big statements.

Poured fake blood on themselves and others

PETA activists, who are occasionally called extreme, have repeatedly thrown fake blood or red paint on themselves to protest animal cruelty. PETA is an American animal rights organization with members globally who have repeatedly in the past demonstrated by throwing fake blood. There is an older occurrence where activists doused individuals wearing fur coats in an effort to speak out against using animal pelts in fashion. In more recent news, activists dumped buckets of fake blood on themselves to protest the killing of seals in Canada.

Scaled a government building

Animal Rebellion activists scaled a government building in London and demanded legislation to cut funding toward meat systems and increase funding toward plant-based food systems. The activists wanted to increase and encourage widespread veganism in the United Kingdom and lessen the number of animals killed for food. Animal Rebellion is a justice movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to spread awareness and encourage humane animal care and climate change legislation. The activists who scaled the building brought enough supplies and hammocks to stay elevated indefinitely or until their demands are heard and listened to.

Protested in hazmat suits

PETA activists protested the living conditions and quality of life of monkeys in a facility in Mesa, Arizona by donning hazmat suits and realistic monkey masks. Recent reports were made that macaque monkeys in the breeding facility were falling ill and dying due to caretakers giving them contaminated water. There have been high death counts and illnesses reported, which sparked activists to assemble and protest the lack of oversight and care. The monkey facility has had repeated issues with following state and local guidelines as well as fixing water issues and taking precautions to keep the animal population in their care healthy.