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The global vegan population is growing, and so is the number of people who identify as vegetarian. As the demand for plant-based food increases, more restaurants are adding more vegan options to their menus. But some people may still be on the fence about whether or not they want to go full vegan or try it out by cutting back on animal products. If one of these people is wondering what life would be like if one went all-in with a plant-based diet, check out this article for some definitions about animal and plant based diets. 


1) Vegan

– Vegans eat foods that come exclusively from plant sources. This means they don’t consume animal products, including meat, eggs, or dairy – the three main food groups of traditional diets. If someone is looking to implement a vegan diet into their lifestyle but is unsure how to do so properly or safely, read this article to learn more.


2) Vegetarian

– Vegetarians do not eat meat, but they may still consume animal products like dairy or eggs. Someone who has decided to go vegetarian is likely doing so for ethical reasons and will usually be more willing than someone eating a vegan diet to make their transition easier.


3) Veganism

– Veganism is an ethical position that reflects a person’s opposition to the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. If someone wants to go vegan but has trouble doing so because they are worried about their health, read this article on how eating a plant-based diet can improve your health in the long term.


4) Meat

– Meat is any edible part of an animal that is intended for consumption. It can come from mammals, birds, amphibians, or fish. Someone who eats meat may do so because they enjoy its taste and don’t want to give it up just yet! While many people believe that overeating red meat will increase one’s risk of heart disease, read this article to find out what causes cardiovascular problems.


5) Eggs

– Eggs are laid by female birds and contain a large amount of protein. Someone transitioning from being an omnivore to vegan may have trouble giving up eggs, as they’re used in so many recipes for baked goods or breakfast dishes. If someone wants to continue eating these types of foods but doesn’t want to eat animal products, here are some egg substitutes that are plant-based.