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If you want to welcome a dog into your family, it’s necessary to consider what breed of dog will work best for your household. While it all depends on your family’s lifestyle, generally a dog breed that is friendly, trainable, and has a gentle demeanor works well for most families. However, these characteristics are a match for a variety of breeds. If you need help choosing the right four-legged fit for your family, consider my helpful tips on picking the best dog breed for your household.


Factors to Consider

Size: The size of your furry family member is an essential factor to consider. If you have small children, a big dog might not be the right fit for your family. Don’t forget to think about the size of your house and yard because small dogs do better with limited space. Make sure your family and house circumstances suit the size of your future pet.

Energy: Different dog breeds have different levels of energy. If your family is active, then welcoming a dog with high levels of energy may be a great fit. Some dogs love to play and run, while others would rather cuddle.

Care Requirements: Again, different breeds have different care requirements. While a big fluffy dog sounds like an excellent idea, they will require grooming and walks. Consider your future pet’s needs and how your family can meet them.


Dogs by Size

Small: If you are opting for a small dog, consider a dachshund, french bulldog or pug! Dachshunds are known to be playful pups and very responsive to training. French bulldogs also have a playful personality and have minimal exercise and grooming needs. Another excellent small dog for your family is a pug because they are easily trainable and very patient.

Medium: Medium sized breeds are popular for families and beagles, poodles, and vizslas are amongst the favorites. Beagles may be the best fit for your family because they love company and require exercise. Vizslas are also highly active and love to be on the go. Poodles are another popular pick because they tend to work well for those with allergies and are very smart.

Large: If you decide to welcome a large dog breed into your family, labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and collies are family favorites. Both labs and golden retrievers are playful companions, gentle at heart, and love to exercise. Collies are also full of energy and super friendly.


Welcoming a dog into your family is an exciting time! Be sure to consider what dog breed will best fit your family. Don’t forget to consider dog adoption and check out my latest blog: 10 Facts That Will Make You Adopt Your Next Pet!


Lisa Landman is a strong advocate of adopting pets and has six rescue dogs! Want to see photos of her dogs? Check our her dog gallery or Twitter!